Payments & Treasury Management for African businesses

We help African businesses, startups and emerging market commerce to manage their liquidity challenges, invoices & global payment needs through our APIs and web platform

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We enable businesses of all sizes

From traders, to large multi-national organisations and other financial institutions, we help you solve your global payment and liquidity needs, efficiently & affordably

Pay and recieve in any global currency you like

Pay and receive money in your local currency, USD, EUR, CNY or any other global currency you like.

Payments are near-instant and low cost

We offer the best exchange rates with no hidden fees. Payments are delivered within minutes *

Send to mobile wallets and banks globally

You can pay directly into your client’s mobile wallet or bank accounts. All payments are excuted in real time

Create and manage invoices (coming soon)

Create invoices and request payment from your vendors; they don’t need to be on Waza to pay you

For Business

Simple & elegant solution for managing Intra-Africa & global business payments

Unlock trade across the African continent and beyond! Access to USD & EUR intermediaries for global payments are limited and in short supply. Other Africa currencies are illiquid and expensive. We abstract the complexities of fulfiling your payment obligations and managing your liquidity across various markets into a few clicks.

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Instant payouts

Pay your suppliers & vendors in real-time

Large liquidity pool

Large volumes are welcome

Invoice financing (beta)

Unlock working capital for unpaid invoices

Designed for developers

Easy-to-use APIs designed by developers for developers! Build cross-border payments into your financial apps using our APIs

Focus on building global financial products your business clients love while we abstract the cross-border payment complexities via our developer-friendly APIs. Get access to features like currency conversion, global payouts, invoices & document management.

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